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Welcome to I.David®

Metal  Finger Sizer - Universal
H. Schneider® Professional Loupes 10X
Diamond INOX Tweezers
Presidium® Digital Gemstone Gauge
SARTORIUS - Carat Scales - 1600ct -  High Standard
I.David  Super Sieve Sets Diamonds
I.David Super Quality Hexagonal Loupes
Diamond Parcel Papers I.DAVID  -  RUW
Diafix with Cover
NEW! Lamp with 4 Modes:  jewerly, diamonds, emeralds and gemstones - Color White
Gemax - #2012 - Octagon And Baguette Diamond Stone
Personal Ultrasonic Cleaner
Photography Box -  Extra Small (MINI)
1479J Professional Mini Scale - New Version! (200g - 0.01g)
NEW! Wire wrapping mandrel - set of 2pcs
GemLightbox Aerial & Turntable Set
GemLightbox MACRO
Jewellers Saw Frame 3″ - DURSTON
*NEW* GemLightbox Aerial & Turntable Set PRO
Dialux Gold - NEW!
Flexible measuring band for wrist
Heavy Duty Leather Apron - Durston
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